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BEE-Ware of Yellow Jackets, Bees, Hornets, Wasps and other stinging insects!

I was in Shoprite with my best friend when I received the call. I ran into the liquor store and asked for a pen so I could write down the name of the hospital they were taking my son too. … Continue reading

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More on strange allergies!

So my son has some really strange allergies. I’ve already told the story about when we found out about his “Iguana allergy” when he was age four. Now let’s me tell you about the next allergy I discovered when he … Continue reading

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Beware of Iguanas!

So besides all of my children having learning disabilities did I happen to mention my eldest son also has some really strange and weird allergies? Let’s see it was my son’s fourth birthday. Anyone who knows my son will tell … Continue reading

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