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My 100th Blog!

So when the new year approached I decided I was going to blog because I had a lot to say. I was inspired by a Facebook friend as I saw her blog away. Today marks my 100th blog. I’ve written … Continue reading

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Princess Canine and Pussy Galore

My husband and I grew up with animals however, when we bought our home we were young and free spirited off to roam around so who had time to give the proper care to any other living creature other then … Continue reading

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a NOT death sentence!

For my twenty first anniversary my husband didn’t take me to Niagra Falls as planned or buy me a diamond ring but he did give me two AIDS (FIV) Kitties. Well let me explain. It wasn’t as if he set … Continue reading

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The Birth of our kittens!

James 1:17 – Every good and perfect gift is from above So simple but so true. After giving birth to my three son’s I really understood the the power of this statement. Yesterday my children and I got to witness … Continue reading

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