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Till debt do we part!

Are those grocery bills killing you? I’m trying to keep my bill around $370 a week and that is with eating a lot of pasta. Or how about the price of fuel? Cha Ching Cha Ching! I’m ringing in at … Continue reading

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Those Dog-Gone Kodak Moments!

The most adorable dog-gone Pup! The cutest convicts. Curious having a “Marley Moment”! Curious getting into mischief again! Well hey we showered our kids this way too when they were just “pups”! Curious the Hero! Curious relaxing after a long … Continue reading

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The only thing that is transparent is their BULLSHIT!

After years of attending Board of Education meetings, town hall meetings, community meetings, etc…. the only thing that is transparent is their BULLSHIT! I’m so sick of the politics, people’s agendas and so on that I often wonder what ever … Continue reading

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Doing the Right Thing!

Doing the right thing is always harder but make no mistake, the right thing is always the the right thing!!! Yes, I am the one who takes all the bullets but I never have to worry about having a guilty … Continue reading

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Dr. Ross Greene Seminar

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar given by Dr. Ross Greene last year.  Some of you may be familiar with him, author of,  “The Explosive Child” and “Lost at School“. Dr. Greene is also an Associate Professor in … Continue reading

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Ground Hog Day!

Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day? The guy wakes up on the following day after Groundhog Day only to discover that it’s Groundhog Day again, and again, and again. He eventually realizes that he is doomed to spend … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Time

The Evolution of Time Sweet and Innocent Playful and Inquiring mind Early 20’s Feeling Glamorous Late 20’s new look for the Mom Early 30’s Enlarging the family still Fabulous 40’s And life goes on…….   copyrighted 2011; danadogooder and DMT … Continue reading

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