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Will the real Jungle Boy step forward?

My boys are true boys. They love nature and any animal they can get their hands on. The Jungle Boy has nothing on them! Who else can catch a bird flying by at Radio City Hall in New York City … Continue reading

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a NOT death sentence!

For my twenty first anniversary my husband didn’t take me to Niagra Falls as planned or buy me a diamond ring but he did give me two AIDS (FIV) Kitties. Well let me explain. It wasn’t as if he set … Continue reading

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Worry Vs. Work!

” A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work”.–John Lubbock Tis’ true! After having school aged children I realized the truth in this statement. I’ve always been a hard worker all my life no matter why … Continue reading

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Queen of Tchotchkes

I was once told I was the Queen of Tchotchkes! We could say the same about photo’s too! However, I despise clutter. Well at least unorganized clutter. That is why I try to cleverly place each item and photo I … Continue reading

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