Firstborn: It is all about precedent!!!

A letter from the special education director arrived. It was dated October 28th. Two days before the death of the superintendent. It stated that the superintendent had approved my request for vision therapy. I was sure the special education director must have cringed when writing it. It was a bittersweet time. I was happy to have finally gotten the long awaited approval for vision therapy but sad that the one guy who had really looked out for my son was gone.   

I called one of the secretaries at my son’s school. I asked if she could get a mass card to the superintendent’s family. She said it was not a problem. I went to the school and dropped off the mass card. Inside was a note that read, “I am truly sorry for the loss of your husband. I wanted to let you know that I feel God had sent your husband to this school district as my son’s guardian angel and had even told your husband this on one occasion. I felt compelled to write to you to let you know about one of his last acts of kindness that will always be remembered by my family. I only met your husband back in June and in the few short months he made life changing decisions for the future of my son. The most recent one was made on Friday, October 29th. Your husband approved a service for my son that the district had denied to me for two consecutive years. This service could make a difference in my son’s life forever. I am thankful to have had your husband touch my son’s life and have asked for prayers to comfort your family as well during this difficult time. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.”

It was a short note but from the heart. We finally had an administrator that cared about kids and he was gone. I wondered if it was true, “Only the good die young.” I was still in shock. 

A week later I gained the composure to write the case manager a letter to follow up on all of the outstanding issues. I informed her that I was following up our phone conversation in which I had agreed to meet with her and the Learning Consultant to review and discuss the goals for my son however, I still had not received as promised by the district a list of the projected goals and objectives written by the district in response to the needs list that I was asked to create from the most recent evaluations. I also noted that we had not come any closer to agreeing upon goals for my son since last March and here we were at the end of the first marking period of the following year and that time was continually ticking for my son. I asked for her to please advise me of when I should expect the districts list of proposed goals and objectives for my review prior to the informal meeting that she wanted to hold. In addition, I asked how we were to proceed with the arrangement of payment for the vision therapy to Dr. Press noting that I had not set up my son’s appointments until the following month in order to give the district adequate time to take advantage the discounted rate which required pre-payment of services.

The same day I sent the letter to the case manager I received a letter from the Board of Education notifying the public of its intentions to announce the name of the Interim Superintendent at the November 10th, 2004 Board Of Education meeting.

Two days later I received two more letters both dated November 11th, 2004. One was from the case manager informing me that the doctor’s contract for vision therapy had been sent to the Board for review at the next Board Meeting. I also received a letter that was sent to all of the parents in the district that the next scheduled Board Meeting would be held on Monday November 15th, 2004. At this meeting we would welcome the new interim superintendent among the typical Board Agenda.

On November 17, 2004 I learned from the case manager that the voucher for payment for vision therapy had not been heard or approved by the Board at the last Board meeting. I was panic stricken because therapy was due to start in two weeks. I contacted the new interim superintendent. He had been in the position of superintendent for two whole days. He advised me on the phone that he would be at the next board meeting, that the voucher for payment for vision therapy would be heard at the next board meeting and that, “I will advise the board NOT to uphold the previous agreement to provide vision therapy for your son because it would be a dangerous precedent to provide this service to one student because then we would have to provide this type of service to perhaps another student if they needed it.” A whole two days on the job and he was undoing what took me two long years to obtain….        

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2 Responses to Firstborn: It is all about precedent!!!

  1. Michele D. says:

    Thanks for posting, because I find this blog the most interesting of them all…it has been a whole 7 years since precedent has been set and no one else has ever received VT services, nor asked for them?… Interesting to say the least… well maybe they should have just provided what your son needed in the first place. Taking into consideration that their fear of setting a precedent has been unfounded for the last 7 years because no other students have required or received these very vital services….instead of worrying about the can of worms it would open, they should have been more concerned of your son’s best interest. It has been made quite clear to me that apparently no other students required VT to access the curriculum as did your son….or others would have IMMEDIATELY followed…..If a child needs it….a child needs it……give it to him and stop wasting precious time for the students….

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