Firstborn: Two Important words, “RETALIATION” and “DYSLEXIA”

On April 19, 2004 the district sent me the following letter, “In response to your request for written evidence to support our recommendation to cease Speech-Language Therapy, we would like to administer an assessment. If you agree, please sign and return this letter.”

Of course, I signed it. Yes, I wanted more then subjective opinions. My trust for them had already been broken and up to this point they had made alot of bad recommendations for my son.

I had also gone into to observe the proposed inclusion class. I had followed up with a letter, “I would like to review in advance a teacher lesson plan from the inclusion class that reading skills will be required from the students and then be able to observe that class. This past Wednesday’s lesson in the inclusion class that you had me view really did not show me how my son would be able to function in the class. They viewed a slide show and that could not help me understand how a reading lesson would be taught with a child who was lacking reading skills. Thanking you in advance!”

I was starting to see all the barriers they constantly put up and it made me more suspicious and more aggressive in my advocacy for my son.

In a separate letter, I also asked to complete a records review prior to us reconvening for the annual review.

I’d also like to point out that despite my differences with the district this never interfered with my desire to help out in the classroom,  help with parties, read to the class, provide special gifts for the students and the teachers EACH and EVERY holiday. However, on April 26, 2004 for the first time the district rejected my offer to help make decorations and costumes which was help that had actually asked for in a previous note home. They wrote, “Thank you so much for your offer to help make decorations and costumes. Due to the overwhelming response we cannot use your help at this time. We will keep you on a list if we need any additional help from now until the end of the year.” Being a Sunday school teacher and a Youth Group Leader at the time coupled with hearing constant complaints from teachers about the lack of parental participation I was surprised to receive the note and I suspected this was the start of more retaliation.       

Read more about the levels of retaliation at:

Additonally, I was scheduled to attend a class trip with my son’s class On April 30, 2004 to administer his allergy medication. On April 27th, 2004 I had one of the class mom’s to my home for dinner and a play date and at this time she mentioned she was unable to attend the class trip. I advised her that I was going and said that I felt bad that she wasn’t going. Apparently, the next morning she advised the teacher that she was unable to attend the class trip she stated that, I could take her place. She never asked me to take her place but that was fine with me because I would be there anyway.

In any event, I showed up at our scheduled monthly meeting which was the afternoon of April 28, 2004. At the time, I was still waiting for the district to send a notice of when we would reconvene the annual meeting but I hadn’t received notice as of yet.

Anyway, I arrived at the meeting and while we waited for the last person to arrive the general education teacher launched an attack on me. I was totally caught off guard. She said, “How dare you tell the class parent you would fill in for her on the class trip?” I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. She went on to say, “The class mom said you were going to take her spot on the class trip.” I replied, “Well she stated last night at dinner that she wouldn’t be able to make the trip and I let her know I was going on the trip but she never asked me to fill in for her but of course, I’d be happy to do so.” The teacher proceeded to talk to me in a derogatory tone stating that I couldn’t just  unilaterally make a decision to come on the class trip without her knowledge and because I needed a ticket and that they did not have one for me. Now I was pissed. I said, I did not make a unilateral decision to attend the class trip. I returned a permission slip three weeks ago that you sent home that asked, Does your child require medication during the trip and if so will you attend the trip to administer the medication? I checked, YES to both! The teacher proceeded to say she hadn’t read the returned forms. I said, Well I can’t help if you don’t read your own forms! I then went on to say, I will not have you make false accusations against me and to speak down to me. I then said, And another thing I can’t believe that you had an overwhelming response from parents to make costumes and decorations. You know what I think, “THIS IS ALL RETALIATION.” I was told, Those are strong words and I replied, Yes they are.

The last teacher arrived and the case manager intervened and somehow she managed to get us back on track. The agenda was, “Progress in  resource room, Progress in regular education. Progress in individualized instruction, and Other.” The meeting continued. Then I dropped the bombshell when I read the signs of Dyslexia. You can find a list of signs at:

I then looked at the reading specialist in the eye and said, “Are you going to tell me my son does not have Dyslexia?” She replied, “I do believe he has developmental dyslexia.” She also stated she has seen some benefit of him using the colored overlays.

At the end of the meeting I stopped in the principal’s office to make sure she’d have a ticket for me for the day of the class trip and I also couldn’t wait to get home to call the class mom.
However, I was happy that I finally got them to admit that they suspected my son had Dyslexia. It had been more then two years that I had suspected it but they would never say those words. Now I got to play my next card and they would also have a surprise for me when I got off the bus from the school trip…       

Copyrighted 2011: danadogooder and DMT


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