Firstborn: The Stress of Second Grade

So the first few months of second grade were really good minus knowing the regular education teacher wasn’t giving my son a star for not taking risks in Social Studies to answer a question or their stupid re-written Pledge of Allegiance.

On November 4th, 2003 the resource room teacher had her first absence. The next day she wrote, ” He seemed a bit impulsive this morning. He was not his normal self. I am not sure if his medication was changed or if it is relative to the change in environment (my absence). But he did not meet the objectives of today’s lessons. There really was no problem just a difference in behavior.”

Yes, this was the subtle hints trying to see if my son was on or off medication. I use to share stuff with them about that but now I did not any longer. The only one I confided in was the school nurse.
The regular education teacher wrote, “He wrote his story today but didn’t want to illustrate it which was part of the assignment. I gave him a choice to do it today, for homework, or tomorrow. He chose to do it today but was not happy about it. I explained that sometimes there are things we have to do even if we don’t want to do them. He asked to be left alone which we did. He sat quietly on his chair and listened the story.”

That night at bedtime my son burst into tears and told me he had a bad day. He said he was scared to go to school the next day. I assured him that everyone can have a bad day once in awhile. I also let the teacher know what had happened at bedtime.

Unfortunately, I think my son knew he was always under a watchful eye and he felt the pressures of that. They were just waiting for him to fail or do something bad. All in all I didn’t feel his day was so horrible and I felt he handled it pretty mature. He was feeling off. He had completed the story, he didn’t feel like coloring, but he eventually did. He asked to be left alone. Don’t we all have a day like that?

The good behavior continued. There were a few remarks about his fidgeting and calling out without raising his hand but it was also allergy season and my son was always off during that time too so it was hard to say.

One day my son told me he was afraid to take his upcoming test because he did not want his grades to go down. He also told me he was having stomaches at school everyday but hadn’t said anything because he did not want to miss school. For some reason, even when my son didn’t feel well he never tried to get out of school. Remember, the year before he had mono and he never even missed a day. We never even knew he had the mono until the infection was almost cleared up. He really was one tough little boy considering all the academic struggles he had, now physical symptoms of stress as well as knowing he was always was in the limelight at school.

In any event, we had our monthly meeting in December and the child study team was recommending that we think about lessening my son’s time with the aid because he was doing so well. They were thinking about placing him in the “inclusion class”. It was interesting to think how fast things had turned around since he had gotten the one on one reading program and was feeling less frustrated at school. And I couldn’t believe we had just barely started second grade and now here we were ready to talk about third grade. I requested that my son’s case manager set up an observation for me to see the inclusion class so that I could make an informed decision. I also requested the rough draft of the IEP that they always brought to the meeting in advance so I could review and do my research ahead of time. But the holidays were now here and I would have to wait for her answer….

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One Response to Firstborn: The Stress of Second Grade

  1. Joey (soon 5* - 0, again!) TOMASELLA says:

    Do you see Dana?? Your child had become comfortable in the new class. Sure , it took some time. But it takes time for adult’s as well .. Again , CHANGE is very tough as one does not know what too expect.

    Nevertheless , it is apparent your childs was progressing. I do not believe they should have moved him to another class at this point.. You didn’t mention if they did / did not?
    Regardless , my point is there. The child becomes comfortable in his new surroundings and starts to progress. Why would the administration want to remove him from this class if the child is making progress?? This is not something I would EVER agree with , and will read on to see how you and yours handled it.. Very good!!


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