Iced Tea Anyone?

So the stress of raising children can get to anyone from time to time. Never mind raising children with special needs. My husband is a great guy but he tends to avoid problems while I confront things head on. So even though my husband was a Teamster Driver and always was home each night he decided to take an over the road bid. This meant he would be away from home three nights a week. Great plan on his part! Unlike typical over the road drivers an over the road teamster driver gets to stay in decent hotels, not in their truck. They have access to a pool and jacuzzi too. Meantime, I’d be home to deal with the school, take care of the children, take my son to therapy, pay the bills, cook, clean, grocery shop, and go to my office twice a week which was 60 miles each way to the office. I did have an au pair by this point. Our first one! But au pairs can only do so much!!!

As time passed things were getting very heated with the school. I was trying to keep my head above water managing practically everything. I really needed to talk to my husband. I had just finished cleaning the entire house and my kitchen was gleaming. The wood floors were spotless. This is a HUGE accomplishment when you have children.

Shortly after, my husband arrived home. He’d be home for the night before he’d have to leave again in the morning. Soon as he got in, I started to complain. Looking back, I probably bombarded him the minute he walked in the door. But till this day, I still don’t feel bad about that. Heck, after all he was letting me take the brunt of everything at the time. So anyway, he says to me, “I’m too tired to talk.” And I said, “Well I’m sorry we ARE going to talk.” He tried to walk away. I immediately got right in his face. He said, “Get out of my face” to which I replied, “NO!!!” He then said, “Get the hell out out of my face!” When I refused and started ranting he got really mad. Now my husband is generally a really calm laid back guy and he hardly ever blows his stack. But it blew and he smacked a plastic glass full of iced tea off the kitchen table and it went everywhere. I was pissed. I started screaming saying how hard I had worked, how much crap I had dealt with from the school, how it was hard to take care of a five year old and one year old, drive to therapies, keep up the bills, commute to my office, and keep the house clean. I then said, “I spent all day cleaning this house and you are going to clean up this mess.” He said, “No, I am not.” I said, “Yes, you are.” He then proceeded to say his suitcase was still packed and that he would just head back to work early. He was walking towards the laundry room door which is on the side of our home. His car was parked in the front, on the street. Of course, I am a pretty quick thinker. I grabbed the remaining pitcher of iced tea and headed to the front door. I thought, I can beat him to his car because he’ll have to walk up the driveway on the side of the house to get to the street. I got to his car. I knew his door would be open. I opened the door and raised my hand with the pitcher of iced tea and waited. As soon as he rounded the corner and had a perfect view of me, I DUMPED THE ENTIRE PITCHER OF ICED TEA ON HIS FRONT SEAT. I said nothing and walked back inside.

Now my kids were already upstairs in their room but my au pair witnessed everything. She was scared because she did not know what would happen next. I walked back into the kitchen and got down on my hands and knees and began to clean the mess. I heard the chirp of the side door. Our alarm is set so that the door chirps when anyone walks in or out of the house (A good safety feature to make sure the kids do not escape!). I heard my husband come into the kitchen. In my mind, I thought my husband has never laid a hand on me but today might be the day!!! Instead he grabbed a towel and left!
Iced Tea Anyone?

Copyrighted 2011: danadogooder and DMT


About danadogooder

Happily married for 20 years except when he is pissing me off! ' Mommy of 3 boys, a yellow female lab named Curious, 2 kitties Trouble and Kornelia, and bird and fish! Yes, we have a Zoo! Love to cook, entertain, and travel. I give new meaning to, "You can't fight city hall" Cause I fought worse, "Yes, The Board of Ed! " I live in a houseful of ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Sensory Integration and Allergies!!! I love being a Mom, to have fun and am always joking around! My job titles are: Wife, Mommy, Advocate, Friend, Maid, Cook, Self Employed Business Owner among many others!
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7 Responses to Iced Tea Anyone?

  1. nancynj says:

    moral of the story: don’t mess with dana’s clean floors and keep a towel in your car : )
    love ya dana and we all have a breaking point. the world needs more iced tea!

  2. Joey (soon 5* - 0, again!) TOMASELLA says:

    LMAO!! On this entry the “dogooder” seems to have some issue’s with her husband. It would appear that she is feeling all the pressure of raising her children while her husband , in her mind , is seemingly leaving her alone to deal with all the problems a family faces on a daily basis.. This is the feeling I received.. I , being a “Teamster” myself understand the business of being out over the road from time to time. It would appear that on this particular day , the dogooder had lost her cool , and was blaming her husband (who was only working) for leaving , and working?? “How could you dogooder?” LMAO!! In my opinion and yes , we all have one.. There seems to be a lack of communication between spouses.. But do we all not have issues??

  3. danadogooder says:

    Please being in the transportation business my own self with over 20 years of experience we all know Teamster over the road drivers are not REAL over the road truck drivers. 🙂

  4. Joey (soon 5* - 0, again!) TOMASELLA says:

    A Challenge?? I have been a Teamster for years. I am NOT an “Over the Road” Driver , rather on Site.. So , with that I do understand that aspect. NEVER sell me short “dogooder”…lmao.. .. JT

  5. Sherry says:

    I can fully appreciate this story. It’s very hard being a wife and mother, in charge of running a house, career, school meetings, doctor appointments, balancing the checkbook and maintaining our own emotional and physical needs on top of that. Made further difficult when your husband is “gone”. My husband is over the road 3 to 4 weeks at a time, and only home 4 to 5 days before he is off and running again. It breaks my heart to watch his truck pull away, I feel like half of me is leaving. But I always know leaving is just as hard for him, and when he comes back it’s a honeymoon all over again!!! We make our time together count as best we can.

    • danadogooder says:

      God Bless you Sherry! I don’t think I could handle that long away from each other and God Bless all the truckdrivers out there too! I’ve been in the trucking industry for 20 plus years now and I’ve always given so much credit to over the road drivers. My one t-shirt says it all, “If you got it a truckdriver delivered it.”

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